Rove Estate: Our 5-Year Anniversary!

Rove Estate: Our 5-Year Anniversary!

‘Rove’ is a Gaelic term that is defined as a journey without a destination. To rove is to travel, to experience, to wander, or just to set out for an adventure, even when you don’t quite know where that adventure will lead you…

Rove Estate is that adventure that Creighton and McKenzie Gallagher set out on, nearly 10 years ago.

The owners of Rove Estate Winery, McKenzie and Creighton Gallagher, posing for a photo. The owners of Rove Estate, McKenzie and Creighton Gallagher, in a candid photo with their son.

From their multi-generational northern Michigan cherry farm, they began their dream and planted a vineyard, not knowing all the hardships that came along with that dream.

As unlikely winery owners, they pursued their dream with no security or assurances—a leap of faith—which is truly echoed by the intrepid spirits of their Irish ancestors.

An owner of Rove Estate Winery, McKenzie Gallagher, posing with a license to open the winery. The owners' three children wearing black Rove Estate aprons and standing side by side.

The little known tale of the ‘Winegeese’ begins with a group of Irishmen that fled their home country in the 17th and 18th centuries, leaving all comfort and security behind, for the glimmer of a more meaningful existence.

Back in the day, Ireland was one of the biggest trade buyers of fine wine. The Irish loved their fine wine, so naturally they emigrated to the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux and eventually around the world.

Despite the odds, they found success in winemaking, establishing a worldwide legacy that persists today.

Rows of small green seedlings planted in soil. Poles supporting young grape vines next to rows of tilled soil under the sunset.

The Irish farmers were true stewards of the land to produce the highest quality grapes that would turn into some of the highest quality wine. Not many realize that farming is truly at the heart of our Irish ancestors and how they lived their lives, which is why we pride ourselves on being a truly farm-first winery.

One of the owners of Rove Estate Winery, Creighton Gallagher, holding soil. A bare farming field with a yellow machine and red car in the background.

Farming is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, adaptability, and a surprising amount of faith. You never know what Mother Nature is going to give you.

Each year we choose to share all our trials when it comes to the challenges of farming, and our triumphs in the form of delicious estate grown wine.

On the back of each of our bottles you can read the notes of each growing season from that vintage as well as the exact date Rove Estate harvests those particular grapes.

Three people walking between the grape vines being supported by poles. A lush and green field of growing wine crops.

We pay homage to our Irish ancestors and carry their unwavering spirit and into our own lives, and it is truly intertwined into the foundations and heart of Rove Estate.

We believe every glass holds a story and our story is centuries deep. So we raise a glass to the beginning, we raise a glass to these incredible five years, and we raise a glass to whatever the future may hold. Slaínte!

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