Planning the Perfect Traverse City Wine Tour

Planning the Perfect Traverse City Wine Tour

Are you considering Traverse City wine tours for your next getaway? Ready to taste the fresh, bright notes of our award-winning wines? If your upcoming trip will be your first time visiting our region, here are a few tips to prepare a perfect wine coast vacation.

The Traverse Wine Coast consists of two lovely peninsulas — Old Mission and Leelanau.

In more recent years, these regions have received more and more recognition for their fruit-forward wines with bright acidity.

With the number of accolades Traverse City wineries have been winning in international wine competitions, visiting our beautiful coastline should definitely be on your wine tour bucket list.

Tip #1: Consider Your Group Size

If you plan to travel in a larger group, then consider keeping the size to 4 to 6 people.

For bigger groups of over 6 people, visit on less popular days for an optimal experience.

Your Traverse City winery visits will usually be less crowded between Sunday and Friday.

Pro-tip: there are a few wineries that will open up at 10 AM and stay open past 6 PM to help accommodate the high demand of summer/fall traffic. 

Tip #2: Research Wineries Before You Arrive

There are over 40 wineries in our region and as our wines gain more recognition, this number will keep growing!

However, it’s best to keep your visit to four wineries (five is pushing it!). This will allow you to enjoy and savor each winery without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of locations here. Do the research before booking your flight and prioritize which ones you wish to visit.

With the number of incredible wineries here, it’s tempting to want to try them all. Plan on multiple Traverse City wine tours! We're definitely a destination that deserves multiple visits. 

Tip #3: Decide What Kind of Tour You Want

Many decide to go on a self-guided tour with a designated driver and handpick every winery they want to visit based on their own research. Others decide to leave all the details to a local wine tour company or chauffeur.

With a company, you don’t have to worry about driving or choosing from all the wineries in Traverse City. Instead, you get to sit back and focus on simply enjoying your time.

Tip #4: Enjoy Time in Each Peninsula

While you can book a separate wine tour for both Old Mission and Leelanau on your trip here, we recommend taking the time to taste the best of both worlds. Each region boasts its own unique terrain and vineyards — we recommend a day for both!

Ready to Amp Up Your Traverse Wine Coast Vacation?

Make Rove Estate Winery one of your stops! We craft our wines exclusively with estate-grown grapes for a plethora of unique fragrances and tastes that please all of your senses.

Since our winery is located between Old Mission and Leelanau, it is the ideal place to begin or end your Traverse City wine tour. To make a reservation with us or book a tour (with a stop at Rove Estate), click here or email us at

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