What is a Nice Bottle of Wine for a Gift? 11 Tips to Guide Your Holiday Wine Purchases

A group of four friends in cozy fall clothing with wine glasses in hand.

What is a nice bottle of wine for a gift? That depends largely on the person you’re buying for! Our guide leaves you with tasting notes and food pairings to help you buy the perfect wine for your loved one or work friend.

We constantly get asked questions about what wine to buy as a gift for someone. As the holidays are quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a guide for what wines to purchase for anyone, whether they are family, your best friend, or your work colleague. Whether you are bringing wine to turkey day or as a secret Santa gift, this guide is for you!

What is a Nice Bottle of Wine for a Gift?

A bottle of Rove's Pinot Noir Rosé with a raspberry brie pizza beside it.

The Mother-in-Law: 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé

This dry style Rosé color is so gorgeous it will bring beauty to the table at any family gathering. It goes with everything from Thanksgiving turkey to cranberry sauce to the beautiful cocktail shrimp spread on Christmas Eve! They will thank you for knowing the exact wine to pair for their party (bonus points!).

‘That’ Wine Friend: 2020 Gewurztraminer

We all know them… and of course love them. But that one friend who geeks out about yeast strains, Pinot Noir clones, and aging in amphora will love the individuality of our Gewurztraminer. With its gorgeous tropical and floral notes that are so elegant and delicious, it will have them discussing the aromas all night long. Of course, they will get a kick out of actually knowing how to pronounce it too!

The Classy One: 2020 Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is one of the most versatile wines, with a full flavor, balance, and truly timeless appeal. With a round texture and intriguing aromas, it complements most foods. Boasting classic aromas of pear, apple, and ripe lemon with a subtle touch of smoke, this is a wine that will never go out of style!

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The Life of the Party: 2020 Brut Sparkling

With the ‘pop’ of the cork, our 2020 Brut Sparkling lets you know it has arrived, much like the life of the party! This wine is a blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Riesling, and flavors of green apple, lemon drop, and white peach create an exciting wine full of flavor. This wine makes an entrance and sparkles anywhere it goes!

A bottle of Rove Estate's Riesling wine.

The Optimist: 2020 Select Harvest Riesling

We all have that friend that is a literal ray of sunshine whenever they walk into the room. The Select Harvest Riesling also has that special effect, and with every sip, you find yourself smiling just a little bit more. With notes of peach and key lime pie that finish with just a hint of sweetness, it can seriously brighten anyone’s day! 

The Quirky Intellectual: 2018 Oaked Chardonnay

This classic wine is perfectly enjoyed by the fireplace, in your pajamas while reading a good book. The toasty and smoky notes are warm while the fruit flavors balance the wine. It is enjoyed at room temperature and is the perfect white wine for the cozier time of year. 

The Foodie: 2020 Dry Riesling

Dry Riesling is all the rage with its electric acidity, ability to age and intense aromas. It pairs well with the simplest dishes to fine dining delicacies (hello tuna tartare!). Your foodie friend will appreciate a wine to go with all the crazy things they cook up this holiday season!

The Boss: 2020 Unoaked Chardonnay

It is no secret that this wine is one of our best sellers at Rove Estate. With its tropical fruit bomb nose and delicious flavors everyone who tries this wine likes it. Your boss will be highly impressed with your fine taste in wine!

A bottle of Rove Estate's Pinot Grigio surrounded by an assortment of fruit.

The Secret Santa Party: 2020 Pinot Grigio

What is a nice bottle of wine for a gift when you don’t know someone? Pinot Grigio is always a safe bet! Everyone knows and loves Pinot Grigio—it’s refreshing, delicious, and pairs well with food. It is a great wine to start a meal or drink on the patio all summer long. Whoever receives this wine will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it no matter where or what they are doing!

The Health Guru: 2018 Trí 

This wine is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinot Noir. It has notes of cherries, plums and currants along with warm baking spices. The color from these red wines come from the skins which also contain antioxidants. Any health-conscious friend will appreciate the health benefits associated with those high levels of antioxidants!

Three bottles of Rove Estate's wines with the Pinot Noir Rosé on the left, the Riesling in the middle, and the Trí on the right.

The Wine Collector: The Holiday Trio!

Our holiday trio contains the Dry Riesling, Pinot Noir Rosé, and the 2018 Trí. Why give one bottle when you can give three?! Your friend with the gorgeous wine cellar will appreciate these bottles to age or drink over this holiday season. You save 20% on the wine when you purchase the trio—talk about a win/win!

Let Wine Connect You and Your Loved Ones

We hope you find this guide helpful and see our amazing estate-grown wines in a new light. The truth of the matter is wine is a fantastic gift! Anyone and everyone would be appreciative of your thoughtfulness in picking a fantastic locally grown wine for them to share with their loved ones. Wine connects people and this is the perfect time of year to slow down, enjoy one another’s company, and give the gift of true human connection.

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