Summer Adventures in Leelanau Peninsula

Summer Adventures in Leelanau Peninsula

As the sun warms the shores and the days stretch lazily into evening, Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan offers a variety of experiences for every adventurer. From the thrill of water to the serenity of hiking trails, there's no shortage of fun this summer!

Hiking Adventures

Leelanau Peninsula is a hiker's paradise, offering a tapestry of trails that wind through forests, meadows, and breathtaking vistas. 

Hike Empire Bluff

Take a captivating hike along Empire Bluff. A well-maintained trail leads you through lush woodlands to a dramatic overlook. From this vantage point, you can feast your eyes on sweeping views of Lake Michigan's waters meeting the rugged shoreline below.

Boating Adventures

The Peninsula has pristine lakes that beckon boating enthusiasts to explore their waters and scenic shores. 

Long Lake

Discover the beauty of Long Lake, where calm waters mirror the surrounding forests and skies. Kayak, paddleboard, or simply cruise along its shores, soaking in the ambiance and vistas.

Glen Lake

Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Glen Lake, found amidst rolling hills and dunes. Its clear waters are ideal for swimming and water sports, or you can relax on its sandy beaches.

Lake Leelanau

Explore Lake Leelanau, a sprawling water body that winds through beautiful landscapes. Sail, fish, or cruise along its shores, admiring the shoreline dotted with vineyards and orchards.

Camping Adventures

Each camping destination offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation, from pristine shorelines to vineyard hillsides.

Sleeping Bear Point

Pitch your tent amidst the dunes at Sleeping Bear Point, where starlit nights and sandy shores create an idyllic camping setting. Wake up to the sound of waves lapping against the shoreline and embark on scenic hikes along the dunes.

Leelanau Pines Campground

Find solace in the wooded seclusion of Leelanau Pines Campground, a retreat hidden among towering pines. Settle into campsites perfect for family gatherings, group outings, or solo escapes.

Harvest Host

Indulge in a unique camping experience with Harvest Host, where you can camp on the grounds of wineries or breweries. Enjoy the vineyard lifestyle, savoring local wines or craft brews while camping under the stars in beautiful summer settings.

Fun Summer Activities

From kayaking along crystal-clear rivers to exploring towering sand dunes, there's something for every adventurer to enjoy.

Tube, kayak, or canoe Platt River

Embark on a water adventure down the Platte River, where tubing, kayaking, and canoeing offer exciting ways to enjoy the Leelanau Peninsula's scenic wonders. 

The Honor Trading Post can provide the gear and expertise you need for a memorable day on the water.

Bike TART Trail

Pedal your way through the scenic TART Trail, a favorite among cyclists seeking picturesque routes and gentle terrain. Wind through along the path and find yourself connected to Downtown Traverse City, resorts, shops, restaurants, and so much more!

Go mushroom hunting

Delve into the Peninsula's forests during mushroom hunting season for nature's treasures. With an array of edible fungi waiting to be discovered, it's a forager's paradise that promises culinary delights.

Enjoy wine tasting at Rove Winery

Indulge in the art of wine tasting at Rove Winery, where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship and passion. Explore our vineyards, sample our exceptional wines, and immerse yourself in the wine culture that defines Leelanau Peninsula's charm.

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Embrace Summer in Leelanau Peninsula

Join us in embracing the spirit of summer and discovering the magic that awaits you in our captivating corner of Northern Michigan.

Cheers to summer adventures, cherished moments, and the beauty of the Leelanau Peninsula!

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